For visitors outside Australia

Welcome to the Smart Casual project.

On this site you will find our suite of professional development modules, which address the needs of sessional teachers in law.

In Australia, the terms ‘sessional’ and ‘casual’ refer to staff members without security of employment who are paid by the hour and do not have access to sick leave, holiday pay, paid parental leave or other entitlements. They are also underserved by existing professional development programs.

We have found that there is widespread interest in the Smart Casual modules from law schools beyond Australia, and from people interested in developing similar professional development modules for schools teaching other professions.

Although the Smart Casual professional development modules have been produced to address the specific needs of sessional teachers in Australian law schools, we are open to the modules being adapted for use in other countries and other disciplines, and to producing new professional development resources based on the Smart Casual model.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Smart Casual team to develop professional development modules that meet the needs of your staff, please get in touch. You can email Associate Professor Mary Heath at Flinders University. Thank you for your interest.