Other Publications

Peer-reviewed publications

“Fostering “Quiet Inclusion”: Interaction and Diversity in the Australian Law Classroom”,  Journal of Legal Education 66 (2017) 332

“Critical legal reading: the elements, strategies and dispositions needed to master this essential skill”,   26 (2016) Legal Education Review (forthcoming)

“Working The Nexus: Teaching Students To Think, Read And Problem-Solve Like A Lawyer”,  26 (2016) Legal Education Review 95-114

“Interaction and diversity in the Australian law classroom”,   39 (2016) Research and Development in Higher Education: The Shape of Higher Education, M. Davis & A. Goody (Eds.), 39 (pp 127-136), Fremantle, Australia, 4 – 7 July 2016

“Beginning to Address ‘The Elephant in the Classroom’: Sessional Law Teachers’ Unmet Professional Development Needs” 38 (2015) University of New South Wales Law Journal,  240.

Final reports

Smart Casual 2, 2017

Smart Casual 1, 2014